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About Patrick

Patrick started out as a propman working on the films of Terence Davies, Derek Jarman, Bill Forsyth and Danny Boyle among others. It was while working on Life is Sweet that Mike Leigh encouraged him to become a director.


Using begged and stolen 35mm stock, he made his first short The Last Ten Minutes starring Robert Carlyle, which ran in cinemas along with Shallow Grave.

He continued to make award-winning shorts before directing The Final Curtain, a feature film for DNA/Universal, starring Peter O’Toole, Aidan Gillen and Adrian Lester.

Patrick also directs television drama. His most recent work has included teen drama series The A-List for Kindle/BBC, Tin Star: Liverpool (Series 3) for Kudos/Sky and is currently in post after series directing four-parter Guilt for Happy Tramp North/Expectation/BBC Scotland.

Patrick also directs commercials, specialising in trains and toothpaste…

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